Lili Reinhart is the Most Relatable Person on Twitter

posted by Emily Lee -

Do you ever wonder what your Twitter feed would look like if Lili Reinhart had never been cast in Riverdale? You're right, that's way too upsetting to even fathom. Not only is Lili amazing as Betty Cooper on the best teen soap opera on television, she's also the most relatable person on Twitter. If you don't follower her already, you've been missing out on some quality content. It's almost like being friends with Lili IRL, except you're alone in your room scrolling through her Tweets and laughing by yourself. Anybody else? Just me, okay.  I'll take what I can get, though, because Lili just gets it. If you doubt Lili's tweets are what make the world go round, I have the receipts to prove you wrong.  

She loves bread almost as much as I love bread... and that's a lot

She understands what true torture is.

Dogs > People, obviously.

Her Riverdale live Tweets are savage.

Lili has an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Just like me with Lili's tweets, she recognizes GOOD CONTENT when she sees it.

She knows that "Flavor Town" is an ideal vacation destination.

Lili asks the hard the questions.

She cares about our well being.

Lili sets her goals high, like Fergalicious high, and I respect her for that.

Never change, Lili, never change.