Tips To Ease Bad Weather Travel Problems

posted by Suzanne And Greg In The Morning -

A lot of people endured endless hours at the airport this weekend thanks to canceled flights because of the horrendous weather that hit many parts of the country, and even some parts of Europe. We all know such delays and cancellations can be frustrating but they can be a little easier to deal with if you are prepared for how to handle it.

Some tips for bad weather travel include:

  • Skip the first and last fights -  These flights tend to have a higher chance of being cancelled so don’t book them if you are traveling during a season with known inclement weather. 
  • Take advantage of travel waivers – Most airlines will wave change fees if bad weather is expected so if you don’t absolutely have to travel on those days, take them up on their offer. 
  • Get travel advisories and weather alerts on your phone - Stay up-to-date on what’s happening with your weather with apps that send you alerts.
  • Reroute a connecting flight – If you have a connection, check the weather there and if it’s going to be bad, make some changes, even if the weather in the city you are departing from or arriving to is fine.
  • Avoid booking tickets at the airport – If you indeed have to change your flight, it’s better to call a travel agent even while you’re at the airport than to book a flight right there, where they’ll charge you higher rates.
  • Travel from larger airports and pack light – If there’s a chance of bad weather, go with a big airport that has more opportunities for alternative flights you can book. Plus if you only have a carry-on it will be easier for you to change flights.
  • Sign up for travel insurance – It may be the only way for you to recoup some or all of your money if you miss your trip because of weather issues.
  • Pack an emergency kit – Regardless of how you’re traveling, have a small bag of essentials in case you get stuck. Make sure it has a sweater, some snacks, a change of underwear, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a charger, extra batteries, prescription meds and more.

Source: Travel Leaders