April 2017 UniBank Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Mary Anne Matys-Rohde, 4th grade teacher at West brookfield Elementary School, was honored as the 96-1 SRS April 2017UniBank teacher of the Month.

Winning Letter:

Mrs. Mary Anne Matys-Rohde is my daughter's 4th grade teacher at West Brookfield Elementary School in West Brookfield, MA.  I have never come across a teacher more caring, considerate, helpful, or encouraging than Mrs. Rohde.  She continually goes above and beyond to ensure her students (as well as other students in the school, their families and friends) have anything and everything they need, both inside and outside of school. She makes learning fun for the kids and makes sure everyone has a firm grasp on the lesson they're learning. There have been many occasions where she has helped my daughter out with things that most people would see as trivial, but have meant so much to my daughter and I. Mrs. Rohde is by far my daughter's favorite teacher up to this point, and it's easy to see why. I couldn't think of a better mentor looking out for my child than Mrs. Rohde. 


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