Barber For The Homeless Is Given An Amazing Gift From A Kind Stranger

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A stranger awarded a Philadelphia barber for his kindness for helping countless homeless men in his community.

Since the beginning of January, Brennon Jones has been offering free haircuts to the city's homeless, but was afraid he'd have to put his good deeds on hiatus with the winter weather looming just around the corner.

Jones, 29, told Buzzfeed while he had previously retired from barbering after an 11-year career, he decided to re-enter the trade after a "a brief encounter with a homeless gentleman who made me view life differently."

While Jones decided to start cutting hair free of charge, he realized he would have to set up his business, "Haircuts 4 Homeless" outside - like on sidewalks or islands on the street - since he didn't have his own shop.

Just this year alone, Jones has estimated he's done countless haircuts on his down-on-their-luck clients.

Had the opportunity to link up with the great folks @ianyaes_in_touch providing haircuts while they feed the homeless!! Please follow and support their cause... #CantStopWontStop #Haircut4Homeless #SoRaw @sorawapparel

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"Me personally, I think I surpassed a thousand haircuts, so many I stopped counting," he said to FOX29.

Despite being worried over the upcoming weather, Jones' fears were put at ease when he met a Good Samaritan who offered to solve his problem.

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