February 2018 Teacher of the Month

Mrs McNamara, kindergarden teacher at Tatnuck Magnet School, was honored as the 96-1 SRS UniBank Teacher of the Month.

Winning Letter:

Mrs. Mac is amazing!!! My son comes home everyday excited to tell me what he has learned and explain why Mrs. Mac thought him the certain way to do it. Now he takes pride and understands why, instead of just going through the motions! She treats every child as if they were her own and makes me and others feel safe and proud of where are children are every day! My son has quite a few medical issues that have come up and she has gladly supported us as a family and accommodated to his needs and all others every day! Mrs. Mac is a perfect example of an amazing teacher that makes a difference! She deserves to be recognized and treated to this prize for her selflessness, teaching, love and strength!

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