May 2018 Teacher of the Month

Jennifer Flamand, kindergarden teacher at Elmwood Street Elementary School, was honored as the 96-1 SRS UniBank Teacher of the Month.

Winning letter:

She understands every child’s learning needs. She has sensory friendly areas in the class and understands when children need a break to regain their interest in learning. She works hard to strengthen areas of weakness in each child without them ever knowing that they were having trouble to begin with. Her heart guides the class loving, joyful, compassionate, empathy and encouragement and self preservation are skills she teaches children without even realizing she has. My daughter and all the other children who have her for a teacher are truly lucky. Jennifer Flamand is amazing and even that word does not explain just how wonderful she is. She deserves to be recognized because everything she does is to benefit all of the children in her classroom, she does it without being asked but because she sees the need for it!

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