This Genius Hack Will Change The Way You Eat McDonald's Fries

The way you eat fries from McDonald's is about to change forever thanks to a genius new hack. Twitter account "Today Years Old" shared a photo of the iconic red fries container from the fast food giant with the top bent backward. The caption reads: "Did Y'all know the flap on your fries box actually has a purpose?"

Apparently, those perforated edges are there by design — to make a little serving table for your condiment of choice. This knowledge is a gamechanger for anybody who's ever tried to eat their fries on the go. We can all say goodbye to those messier days when we'd just squeeze ketchup all over our fries and hope for the best. 


Some on Twitter, however, argued that the perforations are actually a lid which allows you to cover up your fries to prevent any from spilling. 


Either option will come in handy when McDonald's drops their new Cheesy Bacon Fries. What do you think...will you be giving this new life hack a try?

Photo: Getty


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