Chevy Chase Reveals Last Minute Appeal To Save Chris Farley From Addiction

In an interview on Suzanne & Greg In The Morning on Today’s Variety, 96 1 SRS, Worcester, Chevy Chase revealed that he spoke to Chris Farley days before his death about his drug use and gave him advise about how he should be himself instead of trying to be John Belushi or John Candy.

SNL creator Loren Michaels asked Chevy to talk to Chris. Chevy said to Chris Farley, “You’re not going to be John Belushi. It’s clear you’re not going to be John Candy. What we really want from you, what people want, is a level of sobriety at least when you’re filming.” Chevy continued to say, “I felt he was taking drugs too much. And he died a couple days after I talked to him.” Hear the entire interview below!

Chevy Chase will appear at The Hanover Theater in Worcester November 20, 2019 to take Q & A after a viewing of one of his most popular movies, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 4th at

Photo: Getty Images

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