Harry Styles Ziplines Above Traffic For A Crosswalk Concert In L.A.

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Part of Harry Styles' Late Late Show takeover involved him performing in the middle of a very busy intersection in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday night (December 11), viewers saw host James Corden, 41, coerce the former One Direction bandmate, 25, into performing a mini-concert for the streets of L.A. "You'll close this whole street down for me to perform a concert?" Styles asked the host, before the comedian delivered his elaborate plan. "That's amazing. But we will be closing down the crosswalk when the light is red and you will have access to that for 30 seconds at a time... Along with anyone else who wants to use it."

Just like he envisioned, the installment of "Crosswalk: The Musical" was all fun and games as Styles kicked things off with a backdrop, backup band and even some pyro for opening number of "Kiwi." Things only got bigger when the singer returned for "Lights Up," alongside some dancers for interpretive choreography, and an eye-popping rendition of "Watermelon Sugar." However, his finale was the most elaborate of them all as he flew above the traffic via zipline for a performance of "Sign of The Times."

Dangerous and entertaining, Styles took the big risk, as per Corden's suggestion, so scroll on below to see the fruits of their labor. Expect to hear even more from the pop star when his sophomore effort, Fine Line, drops tomorrow!

Photo: YouTube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

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