Elderly Poodle Survives Hawk Attack for 28 Hours

When Porshia, a 16 year-old toy poodle was snatched from the back deck of her home by a hungry hawk, her owner, Debra Falcione, was afraid she'd never see the elderly blind and nearly deaf dog again.

Falcione searched for hours for Porshia, but after the attack and temperatures dropped into the teens that night, she began to accept that she’d never see her beloved pet again. So she was shocked when she got a call more than 28-hours after from Banfield Pet Hospital telling her they had the dog and she was safe and sound. They said a neighbor found Porshia after the hawk dropped her.

The little dog had no broken bones and is expected to be fine after her scary ordeal. Falcione says her escape is “nothing short of a miracle.”

Photo: Getty Images North America

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