Men in Japan Using Ladies Underwear as Masks

Concern In Thailand As The Wuhan Covid-19 Spreads

Even though the official stance of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that wearing a mask doesn't really do much for you unless you're taking care of somebody who might have the infection (however it is a good idea to wear one if you are coughing or sneezing a lot). None of that has stopped Japanese from improvising once the surgical mask shortage took hold. Some are using women's panties Not surprisingly, the WHO has issued no statements or recommendations regarding wearing women's underwear on your face instead. It doesn't seem as if it would be any safer than a surgical mask. So let me issue one: that's nuts.

As nuts as that looks, ladies underwear isn't the only alternative people are resorting to. As the pandemic takes hold folks are turning to other types of masks and even household items to try and protect themselves. Me? I'm going to go wash my hands again.

Photo: Getty Images Pac Asia

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