Amherst Police Say People Need to Stop Calling 911 About Social Distancing

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Lots of folks in Amherst are taking social distancing seriously. A few are not. And the serious people are so completely unamused by the not serious people that they're calling the cops. In fact, they're calling 911 to report social distancing violations. Now Town Manager, Paul Bockelman, is asking the public not to report social distancing violations to police.

At Monday’s Town Council meeting, Bockelman said there is a strong police presence in the downtown area already, and that officers would not be fining nor arresting folks, but rather would engage in educating people about the benefits of social distancing.

Without the support of the local police we certainly hope people don't resort to the dreaded "citizen's arrest" like the folks in the video below.

Photo: iStockphoto

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