Marquees Across the Country Carry Messages of Hope

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Lots of people are feeling isolated and lonely. Some are feeling nervous and it's understandable. That's why so marquees around the country are cranking positive and even funny messages for anyone who happens by.

  • The marquee on the Paramount Theater in Seattle reads, “This is Just Intermission. We Will See You Soon.”
  • A billboard in New York’s Times Square reads, “Thank You #Healthcare Workers.”
  • The marquee on the Hayworth in Los Angeles reads, “Social Distancing…We’re In This Together…Apart.”
  • Los Angeles’ Globe Theater posted the message “After every storm comes a rainbow.”
  • A sign on the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC, reads “Standing Together in Solidarity…Six Feet Apart.”

After all, with theaters closed they have to put something up there! A photo montage by Buzzfeed shows off a few of our favorites.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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