Parking Lot Shower Surprises Bride to Be

Rebecca Budigs Surprise Bridal Shower

After postponing her June wedding to November, Sheila Brosnanwoke was feeling pretty sad about the whole thing. That's when her friends stepped up and surprised her with a bridal shower, social distancing style.

Her fiancé suggested they go for a drive just to get out of the house. And when the couple stepped out into the parking lot of their Ashburn, Virginia apartment complex, she saw some people setting up at their cars for a party.

The bride-to-be even commented to her fiancé that she hoped they were following social distancing rules before realizing that they were actually her friends. They had set up on blankets, beach chairs and car trunks - all while staying safely six feet apart - and decorated with streamers and signs for Sheila.

It was quite a set up! And of course there were the usual oohs and aahs as Sheila opened her blender.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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