Restaurant Owner Transforms Into Tiger King to Help Employees

Annual Mulletfest Brings Together Fans To Celebrate The Infamous Mullet Hairstyle

Jake Burgess owns a couple of restaurants and a food truck in Indiana. Once the governor there put the state on lock down he wanted to find a way to avoid laying off his employees. He decided to challenge the public to help him help them. He did a video fundraiser and asked customers to buy gift cards and make donations through Venmo. He also said that if he got over 1000 views he would transform himself into Joe Exotic.

The video ended up receiving over 3400 views and now Jake is sporting one hideous mullet. He's feeling like Joe Exotic as well. "OMG! Give me a tiger right. I'm running for governor!" he said.

Will the mullet make a comeback? Please, dear Lord, no!

Photo: Getty Images AsiaPac

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