Does Your Home Work Space Spark Joy?

Since so many of us are working from home, Marie Kondo thinks it’s worth designing a place that makes you happy. The tidying expert and Netflix star is all about only keeping things that “spark joy” for you and that applies to your desk area too.

Don't think of it as “tidying” when you tackle your work space. Marie advises telling yourself that “you’re designing a joyful place to work” and trying to fill it with things you love, right down to using pens that spark joy and not just the freebies you get at the bank.

  • Decide on a color theme for coordinating items on your desk
  • Choose a favorite movie or story as a theme for decorating
  • Put a small potted plant on your desk
  • Display a photo that brings back joyful memories
  • Add something sparkly, like a crystal or glass paperweight.
  • Keep something on your desk that adds a special fragrance to your space
  • Use a lovely candle as a decoration
  • Chose a favorite coaster for your drink
  • Change the background on your computer to reflect each season

Photo: Getty Images

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