The Coronavirus Is Sending Us Into the Kitchen With Mixed Results

Rice krispies treats with candy

A new survey of 100 adults has found that people are spending more time in the kitchen during this time of sheltering in place. A comparison of pre and post pandemic food behavior was not really surprising.

  • Cooking and baking are on the rise- 54% are cooking more, 46% baking more
  • People are more adventurous in the kitchen- 44% have discovered new ingredients and 50% have found new brands and products.
  • Recipes to the rescue- 60% of those surveyed use them to find ways to use ingredients they have on hand and 47% are looking for ways to cook healthier.
  • Not everyone’s focused on healthy eating- 40% admit they’re eating more indulgent foods.
  • All this time in the kitchen is boosting confidence- 50% say they feel more confident cooking and 51% say they plan to continue cooking more often.

In my house there's a couple of batches of home made deep fried Oreoes a week. Strange that didn't turn up in the survey.

Photo: iStockphoto

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