Veteran Noho Salon Owner Gives Zoom Look Suggestions

Zoom meetings have you feeling frazzled?

Michael Marvin, owner of Chameleons Salon in Northampton, has some tips to up your hair game for your next video conference.


"Grey roots you want covered can be managed several different ways," Michael shares. "The easiest and safest way to avoid color catastrophe is by using root concealer sprays or hair mascara. They are easily applied, shampoo out, and come in many colors to get a close match to your hair color."

Root concealers and hair mascara can be found online, or available for pickup from your local salon.

Michael recommends these sprays and these powders.

"Box color can do the trick but should be carefully thought out to prevent disaster. Think mainly the roots only and tone on tone."

In other words, stay in range: don't try to lighten your hair or darken it too much.

"Getting your hair blonde, for instance, in the salon can be a complex process that doing at home could be problematic if not catastrophic."

"The idea is to band aid the problem, not do surgery."

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"The part of your hair most visible is your concern when in a Zoom event," Michael reminds, so focus on the front and the sides if they're exposed.

"Changing how you style your hair can also help conceal what has now become too obvious."

Short Hair

"For shorter hair, blow drying you hair more tousled can cover areas you want less exposed. Avoiding parts or pushing hair back on the top and sides to avoid the obvious is key."

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Long Hair

"For long hair, wearing it nicely blown dry and down will conceal everything but the part. The part can be helped by weaving a pointed tail comb known as a rat tail comb. Place the comb tip pointing at the front of your part and slide it toward the back of your head sliding slightly side to side. When it reaches the back, lift the comb gently straight off the scalp a couple of inches and pull the hair apart, half to one side and half to the other to reveal a woven part that will break up that dramatic line of color contrast."

"Bangs worn strategically puffed up and fanned out can also help."

Curly Hair

Curly haired people may have great outcomes in this salon-starved group.

"Using curl cream to moisten and control volume is your weapon," Michael reveals. "Curly hair has the advantage of not being smooth and is less likely to reveal all that’s grown out at the root."

"Curly hair can also be put up easily in lots of fun ways and sits nicely under hats with just a few pieces pulled down on the sides for framing."

Looking for a smoother style? Try this overnight tip before you head to bed!

"Comb back damp curly hair very smoothly and roll into a tight bun clipped gently, not banded which will leave a mark. Wrap a slippery silk type scarf around the whole head and sleep on it. Let down in the morning to smooth or wavy hair with out all the need to hot iron."

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Accessories like hair scarves, funky and sophisticated hats, or head bands can also be great for coverage and variety.

Styling not an option? Try a braid.

"Put [braids] in when hair is damp. Later, when dry, take them out. You potentially have another new style to wear. Just don’t brush hair that has come out after braiding; it could get pretty wild."

Need more advice?

Check out The Morning Show with Chris Zito & Suzanne Lewis' interview with Michael Marvin below!

Happy Zooming!

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