Bored People Do Weird Stuff to Stay Entertained

Bored, lazy, overweight man sits on the sofa

As the weeks wear on and we run out of projects around the house and everybody's now made the joke that "I've watched all of Netflix," people are turning to stranger and stranger behavior to pass the time.

One such shut in, circus performer named Jacob Grégoire, has taken to making videos of himself practicing, doing tricks, and just generally showing off that he can balance just about anything on just about anything.

We're not really sure if David Rush was quick with ping pong balls before the pandemic, but he certainly is now. He's apparently set a world record for the fastest ping pong ball bounce ever. (Because I guess that's a thing.) One thing is for sure, one look at this short video and you'll know that David is very enthusiastic about bouncing ping pong balls!

If you can't juggle, or speed bounce ping pong balls, you can always annoy your family by flinging cheese over your shoulder at them.

Photo: iStockphoto

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