Lockdown Brings New Information About Your Partner

Disgusted Woman with Shocked Expression

A lot of couples are spending more time together than ever now that they are locked down in quarantine. And with all that time together, some are learning some hilarious things about their partners, and lucky for us, they are sharing.

Buzzfeed asked their community to share some of the things they learning about their partners under quarantine, and people were more than happy to chime in.

A couple of our favorites...

  • My fiance has the loudest, longest yawn. He says he could yawn quieter, but it wouldn't be as satisfying.
  • My husband pronounces fajitas as 'fa-jeet-ers.' And his whole family does, too!
  • My boyfriend doesn't think cheese needs to be refrigerated. He literally keeps it on the counter, because that way 'it melts better.' Umm, WHAT?"
  • "My boyfriend makes a gasping sound whenever he's done drinking something. Every time — even after just one sip. It drives me crazy."
  • My husband says 'acrosst' when he means 'across,' and 'seen' instead of 'saw' — as in, 'Iseenthe plane fly over.' I just have to laugh.

Thank you, Buzzfeed!

Photo: iStockphoto

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