Grandma Sets Up Wedding Drama With Groom's Ex

The bride and groom kissing. Newlyweds with a wedding bouquet, holding glasses of champagne standing on wedding ceremony under the arch decorated with flowers and greenery of the outdoor.

Okay, this is a lot of drama, so follow along.

A woman shared on Reddit that her former boyfriend was getting married and, of course, she wasn’t invited. His grandmother, who she is still close to, convinced her to crash the wedding and she agreed, hoping it would help her find closure in the relationship. The grandmother even convinced her to sit next to her at the family table, which she admits was “pretty awkward." That’s when things got crazy.

The bride and groom came around and congratulated the woman on her pregnancy. That’s right, the ex-girlfriend was five months pregnant and the groom is the father. "I thanked her and said something about how I couldn't wait to co-parent with the two of them,” she shares. “Turns out the bride didn't know that I was pregnant with his child the whole time.” The ex-girlfriend adds, “she lost her mind and ran out,” and it was a whole scene, while the groom’s brother helped ex-girlfriend sneak out.

The couple didn’t exactly live happily ever after. The mom-to-be heard from the grandmother that the couple is getting the wedding annulled. Many noted on Reddit that the whole thing was part of grandma’s grand plan, with noting "she contrived a situation where she knew she'd find out. The final part of the plan will be to try to get you and him back together. If that works out she's an evil genius." 

And this isn't the only time a pregnant woman has crashed a wedding!

Any time an ex shows up at a wedding, this can get ugly, especially if said ex tries to show up the bride by arriving in a wedding dress!!!

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