Help With Getting Kids to Wear a Mask

Wearing cloth face masks in public can help slow the spread of coronavirus, but do kids care? Not really. The Academy of Pediatrics advises children over two wear masks when they’re outside the home, but getting your little one to keep a face mask on isn’t easy. Try these tips from real-life moms who have done it successfully.

  • Make sure it's actually a child-size mask- Not only do the masks made specifically for children fit their faces better, they also come in fun prints, like dinosaurs and unicorns, so kids are more likely to want to wear them.
  • Add a cape and make it a superhero thing- Wearing a mask is a lot more fun for the kids when they have on a cape and you’re off on a mission to pick up a prescription or groceries.
  • Help them make a matching mask for their favorite stuffed animal- Putting a bandana or piece of cloth around their favorite doll or stuffed animal’s face may help make kids more comfortable with the idea of wearing a mask.
  • Normalize it- Seeing everyone wearing masks can be a little scary for a kid, so make it feel more normal by showing them photos of their friends and family wearing masks, too.
  • Bribe and reward- When all else fails, use whatever works, stickers, quarters, bonus screen time, or anything else that you can bribe them with.

Thanks to all the moms on Pure Wow for the great ideas!

While we're at it here's a tutorial with an easy no sew mask for kids!

Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images

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