Impulse Buying Is On the Rise

Lots of can't go out to our favorite stores right now. That isn't keeping us from spending money, and plenty of it. A new survey reveals...

  • In the months prior to quarantine, Americans spent about $155.03 cents a month on impulse purchases.
  • That number has gone up 18% to $182.98 since the quarantine started.
  • 72% of people say an impulse buy has had a positive effect on their mood.
  • As for what folks are buying, it shouldn’t be too shocking that the top purchase is cleaning supplies (42%), followed by:
    • Hand sanitizer (38%)
    • Toilet paper (35%)
    • Hand soap (32%)
    • Canned food (31%)
    • Dish detergent (30%)

But not everyone is buy strictly Covid related items...

  • 22% have bought an item of clothing
  • 21% of people have bought themselves a treat that they had their eye on for a while.
  • 18% spent their money on home improvements.
  • 18% bought headphones.
  • 17%% have purchased a new video game console.
  • 17% bought books.
  • 17% bought shoes.

All the numbers are at SideDeals.

And you may have heard that there's a new hamburger press in Zito's house.Here's hoping it brings you joy. Also, these are headbands Suzanne bought to wear at our Zoom meetings, but now she thinks these would be better.

Happy Shopping!

Photo: Getty Images

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