One of Boston's Finest Protects and Serves a Peacock

Car and Cop

Gee, I wonder if , when they graduated from the police academy, these Boston cops thought, "someday I'll be called upon to lure an escaped peacock back to a zoo." Probably not.

But that's just what happened over the weekend at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Officers on patrol received a tip about a wayward peacock wandering around the neighborhood. Since the peacock is not indigenous to Dorchester, the officers called for back up and sprung into...action?

They used a mating call to lure the peacock back into the zoo. That is some real fancy protecting and serving.

Cops are called to deal with wild animals more than you might think. And just like on the TV show "Cops" the suspects are generally shirtless. The video below shows just how tough the job can be.

Photo: iStockphoto

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