NH Letter Carrier Gifts Graduates On His Route

Josh Crowell is lifting the spirits of graduating seniors along his route in Concord, New Hampshire. The USPS letter carrier has been leaving $5 Dunkin’ gift cards in mailboxes at houses where he sees “2020 grad” signs. He also leaves a handwritten note, congratulating them and signs it “your mailman Josh.”

He’s gotten notes back from some of the seniors, thanking him for his kindness and for his hard work as an essential worker. He knows $5 isn’t much, but he wanted to do something for these teens who don’t get to walk across the stage to get their diplomas this year, CNN reported.

“I’m not very well-off myself,” Josh says, “but I look at it as, if I put a smile on somebody’s face, then I will do it.”

Photo: Getty Images North America

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