The Masterclass Your Spouse Needs, Loading the Dishwasher

Disputes over how to load the dishwasher rage in every American household in the best of times. Now that most of us are stuck in the house together over the last few months it's a wonder more of us haven't finally lawyered up and called it quits!

Enter the Loading the Dishwasher Master Class taught by...your dad. I've tried to organize this in my home since I became a father and no one has ever registered. Maybe now, finally, this dad can speak for all dads (and moms) about top shelf versus lower shelf, about forks prongs up or prongs down! Yes, about the very concept of right and wrong!

Some say loading the dishwasher is different for every model, but the there are universal truths in this life. We went to an unbiased source, Consumer Reports, to lay it out in simple terms.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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