Hubby Arranges Date Nights Outside Wife's Hospital Window

One husband is going out of his way to keep date night going with his wife while she’s in the hospital on bed rest ahead of the birth of their baby boy. They can't be together for in-person date nights because of coronavirus restrictions, but he visits her from outside, holding up signs she can see from her hospital room window and dropping off treats for her to enjoy on their “dates.”

Bob sets up outside and dines with Shona from afar. He’s a relationship coach, so he knows how important maintaining these connections is and a few weeks into Shona’s hospital stay, he asked her out on a “date.” Now they have dates three or four times a week, with Saturdays being “special date nights,” which include extras like flowers and other surprises. Sometimes he even brings friends along to hang out outside since she can’t have visitors.

Shona’s in the Hinsdale, Illinois, hospital because her water broke halfway through her pregnancy and she could go into labor any time. Her due date isn’t until August 10th, but the couple now expects she’ll give birth by June 29th. We'll leave her physical condition to the docs, but her hubby is doing all he can for her emotional state.

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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