WATCH: Dad Reacts to News of Triplets

These days, Dad waits in the car with his baby son while mom goes in for her scheduled obstetrics appointment. She comes out with ultrasound pictures and dad can't wait to see the pictures of their new baby! Much to his surprise (horror? panic?) it's not one baby, or even twins, but triplets.

Warning: the dad's language is pretty salty so the video isn't really safe for work. Unless you're working from home so really who cares? Then again, I'm still at work so I have to be careful. Then again, no one else is here so who even knows at this point? Just don't miss the video. It's amazing!

If you think that's something, remember this mom of triplets telling her kids she's having more triplets? Another baby story not to be missed!

Photo: iStockphoto

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