WATCH: Mom Accidentally Flashes Her Daughter's First Grade Class On Zoom

Ashley Foret Smith was coming out of her bathroom after a shower all naked. Her daughter had come into her room for her Zoom call with her first grade class. It wasn’t until she heard little giggles and someone who wasn’t one of her three kids say “uh oh!” that she realized what happened.

Her kid had positioned her computer just so that the entire class got an eyeful of naked mom. After realizing she flashed them, she was naturally mortified. Since this sort of thing isn’t covered in parenting books, she reached out to two teacher friends for advice. They suggested she share the story with the world to show it’s possible to be humiliated and laugh about it.

Thankfully, she took their advice because this video...magic! Thanks, Mom! And for God's sake put some pants on!

Photo: Getty Images

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