What To Do With Your Kids Now That Summer's Cancelled

Now that summer is almost here, moms and dads aren’t sure how they’ll survive the summer with their kids. Parents are feeling the pressure, but child experts urge them to relax expectations and let their kids get bored. These ideas may help you keep your cool with the kids this summer.

  • Maintain a loose routine- Sticking to a bedtime and a morning routine is a good idea even in the summer.
  • Let your kids help set the agenda- Talk about all the things you can do and have everyone write down activities they like and put them in a jar. Then, one by one, pick them out and do them.
  • Give your kids a challenge- Create a scavenger hunt list of things for them to find, or give them some supplies and a time limit and tell them to build a fort or put on a play.
  • Have your kids do chores- Parenting experts encourage chores for kids to reduce overall chaos and give them a sense of belonging in the family.
  • Relax the screen time rules -If your kid clocks more time on their tablet this summer, it’s ok.
  • Let your kids solve their own squabbles- As much as you want to jump in, try letting them work it out and say something like, “Yeah, I guess that does sound like a problem, I’m sure you have the skills to figure that out.”
  • Let your kids see their friends- Some parents are okay with outdoor, socially distant play dates or bike riding, others aren’t, but either way, your kids need a chance to connect with the friends they’re missing, in person or on a screen.

More suggestions are laid out here.

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