Genius Mom Installs Vending Machine In Home

Sarah Balsdon has four kids, ages nine to two, and they were all over her for candy and snacks all the time. When she found out they were hoarding them in their rooms she knew she had to take action! She put a vending machine in the house!

Turns out, it was pretty easy to find, she got it on Facebook Marketplace, and then filled it with her family’s favorite snacks and treats. The kids have to buy them and they can earn money for them by doing chores and school work and it motivates them to help around the house. The mom says her hack is working “really well” so far and has stopped the arguments about unhealthy snacks.

Genius! Fewer snacks saves money. The money you pay the kids you get back in the vending machine! Excellent. Definitely our slow clap of the week.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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