Many Americans Think Things Will Never Be the Same After Coronavirus

There’s no doubt the coronavirus has changed all of our lives over the last few months, but will things go back to normal when the country lifts their shelter-in-place orders? Well, according to a new study, that’s not likely.

The University of Phoenix poll finds:

  • 86% of Americans worry about how the coronavirus will impact their everyday lives moving forward.
  • 73% will likely continue the behavior they’ve adopted as the result the pandemic once life goes back to normal.
  • 86% plan to stay cautious even if social distancing guidelines are relaxed.
  • 50% say they will continue to wear masks, 28% will wear gloves in public at least most of the time.
  • 61% will clean/disinfect items they touch at least most of the time

You can dig deeper at Yahoo Finance. Plus the bonus video below reveals startling numbers when it comes to parents allowing their kids to go back to school.

Photo: Getty Images

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