Mass National Guardsman Relieved of Duty After Inflammatory Post

There have been some wonderful stories of protesters and authorities communicating effectively and working together for justice. Sadly, there are other stories of violence, arson, and looting on one side, and continued brutality on the other. Now a Massachusetts National Guard soldier has been removed from service after allegedly making inflammatory social media comments.

"Spencer," as the soldier has been identified, reportedly posted "You're all stupid and I can't wait to shoot you tomorrow night." Someone who saw it on Snapchat screen grabbed the post and reported him.

The young man was immediately placed on inactive status when the post became public. The soldier will not be serving in any capacity while the investigation takes place.

The Massachusetts National Guard released a brief statement on Twitter.

In the interest of equal time, check out the video below about some really good work the Guard is doing.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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