Notorious Western Mass Pickle Thrower Finally In Custody

Let this be a lesson for anyone who feels that throwing food out of their car is harmless because "it's biodegradable," or "some animal will eat that." A man tossed a pickle of his moving vehicle, it hit a highway worker, and now the driver is facing the legal consequences.

Christoph Herrmannsdoerfer, 34, of Williamstown, Mass, was driving home from Vermont when he tossed a pickle out of the window of his car. why, Christoph? Was is the wrong type of pickle? Was a pickle that came with a sandwich you purchased that you didn't want in the first place?

We'll find out soon enough because Mr Pickle Thrower is scheduled to appear in court on simple assault charges. Is this the most ridiculous crime we've ever heard of? Maybe not, but easily top five.

Photo: Getty Images/EyeEm

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