104 Year-old Woman Survives Covid-19

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She’s survived two world wars, the Spanish flu and now? Jane Collins has beaten coronavirus, too. At 104, that’s pretty impressive on its own, and now that she’s recovered from the illness, she’s sharing the secret to her impressive resilience: her love of champagne. Jane says she’s doing “very well” and is feeling stronger each day. She jokes, “I’m still tired, but I’m enjoying the cake and a bit of champagne.”

And her great niece Sarah Balmforth agrees that the bubbly is the key to Jane’s longevity. When she was diagnosed with coronavirus in late April, her family was told to expect the worst, but she continued to get better and reportedly fought it off in just 10 days.

She's not alone. A surprising number of super seniors have survived coronavirus infection!

Photo: iStockphoto

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