Adorable Alert: Couple Married 65 Years Shares Secret

After being married for 65 years, David and Margaret Matthews have figured a few things out. The U.K. couple met after a night of dancing way back in 1954 and they haven’t spent a day apart since. Now that they’ve been together for over six decades, they’re happy to share what makes their relationship work so well after all this time.

The lovebirds say they never run out of things to talk about and that’s important. “You have to talk to each other,” Margaret explains. “It’s the only way to stick together for a long time.” She points out that relationships are different now and that everyone’s on their phones and Facebook, but they’re communicating less. “I’m glad I didn’t have Facebook back then, maybe I’d have been glued to my phone and never met David,” she adds.

They have 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. And between them they have 47 prescriptions! (Okay, I might have made the last part up)

Photo: Getty Images

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