Black Teenager Shares Mom's Instructions For Going Out Anywhere

Photo: iStockphoto

These days lots of us are learning more about life for Black Americans. A Tik Tok video by a young African American teenager is bringing that point home. It's a list of all the advice his mom has given when it comes to being out in public. Things that will help him stay out of jail and stay alive.

For young men like Cameron Welch, the list isn't unusual. Most black sons learn about these things by a certain age. Here's the list that gone viral to the tune of over 11 million views

– Don’t put your hands in your pockets.

– Don’t put your hoodie on.

– Don’t be outside without a shirt on.

– Check in with your people, even if you’re down the street.

– Don’t be out too late.

– Don’t touch anything you’re not buying.

– Never leave the store without a receipt or a bag, even if it’s just a pack of gum.

– Never make it look like there’s an altercation between you and someone else.

– Never leave the house without your ID.

– Don’t drive with a wifebeater on.

– Don’t drive with a du-rag on.

– Don’t go out in public with a wifebeater or a du-rag.

– Don’t ride with the music too loud.

– Don’t stare at a Caucasian woman.

– If a cop stops you randomly and starts questioning you, don’t talk back, just compromise.

– If you ever get pulled over, put your hands on the dashboard and ask if you can get your license and registration out.

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