Webster Police Chief Lies Down With Protesters

During a Black Lives Matter protest in Webster, Mass the police chief joined in the peaceful protest by lying face down. When he assumed the position of George Floyd at the time of his murder the crowd began chanting, "Thank you, Chief!"

Chief Michael Shaw wasn't finished, however. He spoke to crowd in forceful terms saying, "All the men and women you see here were sickened by what they saw. They're good cops. We try to do as much as we can with the community...but you know what? We can do better."

After some push back because of his words and actions, the chairman of the Webster Board of Selectman, Randy Becker, released a statement on Facebook that read in part, "We are beyond blessed to have such a humble, intelligent, and caring man leading our Police Department. For the record, I was at the event today, along with three of our four other Selectmen. It was a deeply moving experience."

Plenty of tweets with video here.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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