Adorable Old Gamers Make New Friends

A pair of aging gamers who become friends online while playing together have finally had the chance to meet in real life. It’s not unusual for gamers to play people they’ve never met, but it’s less common for them to be in their 70s, like these guys.

The meeting between Garry Bowhill-Mann, who lives in the U.K., and Mike Nolan, who lives in California, was set up by Garry’s granddaughter,Tallulah Self. She surprised her grandad with the trip and the buddies had a wonderful time getting to know each other in person after spending hours online playing video games together.

“It was great to meet him and finally put a face to the voice that I talk to every day,” Garry says of their California adventure. “It was quite emotional, really. I think it’s a friendship that’s going to last.”

Gaming in your seventies may be unusual, but not as unusual as gaming in your nineties! Ladies and gentleman, Hamako Mori!

Photo: Getty Images

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