Springfield, Other Schools, Planning Rotating Attendance

Yes, kids in Massachusetts will be back in school this fall, but it won't exactly be "back to normal." According to the superintendent of schools in Springfield, Daniel Warwick, laid out some of the details during Mayor Sarno's press conference yesterday. Students will rotate coming to school, with others working remotely during the same hours on the same lessons. This will reduce class sizes to meet the state's recommendations.

Kids can also expect to see one-way hallways, eat lunch in their classroom, half empty buses, and of course face masks.

“These have been unprecedented challenging times for our families, and we appreciate the patience and understanding that our families, students and staff have granted us,” Warwick said. “We know that people have lots of questions, but we are sharing these very preliminary plans now with the hope of providing families with enough time to begin preparing for the fall."

Officials have also said that families that just aren't comfortable sending their kids into school can keep them home to work remotely, at least for now.

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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