Towel Folding Debate May Never End

Is there a right way and a wrong way to fold a towel? We think so! Zito and Suzanne agree that the best technique involves a couple of folds and a roll. Some say a simple fold into a rectangle is good enough. Those people are animals whose parents failed them, but far be it from us to judge!

Not only is the correct folding in question there is some expert advice on laundering your towels. Warning: following this advice means spending a lot more time worrying about how you dry your towels than any sane person would care to spend.

Below are a few tutorials on towel folding because during this unprecedented time, don't we have enough problems without poorly folded towels cluttering up the linen closet? The first involves three different ways to fold, all of which involve more work than the average person will do.

The technique below is pretty simple and popular at hotels. This is a great fold if you expect guests. Which none of currently do so...

Finally if you want to run away and join a cruise line when the pandemic is finally over, these insane animal towel sculptures will get you ready.

Photo: Getty Images

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