From the Obvious Files: Parenting Is Hard

There’s certainly a lot to deal with and get used to when you are a new parent, and a new survey reveals just how many challenges moms and dads face in that first year as parents. 

An SWNS Digital survey of 2,000 parents finds:

  • In the first year of a child’s life, parents face about 34 tough decisions each week, which results in 1,750 difficult decisions before their baby turns one.
  • According to moms and dads, the most difficult decision parents face in year one is picking a name for their child (34%), along with:
    • Breastfeeding versus using formula (34%)
    • Figuring out childcare (30%)
    • Which formula to use (29%)
    • Where the baby sleeps (27%)
    • Decorating the nursery (21%)
    • How to sleep train (20%)
    • Whether to post pictures on social media (19%)
    • Finding the right pediatrician (19%)
    • Whether to parent as their parents did (19%)

Photo: Getty Images

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