Mom Went For a Run While the Baby Was Napping; Husband and Reddit Outraged

A man shared on Reddit that he recently came home from work and noticed his wife was just coming back from a run, which was perplexing since they have a one-year-old baby boy at home and she was the one watching him. When he asked his wife about their son she said he was napping.

The dad freaked out, but she explained, “it was only a mile," adding, "And I never got far away from the house." She was only gone about 10 minutes, but the dad wasn’t exactly okay with that excuse. “I got mad at her, and the whole thing escalated into a fight where I told her what she did wasn't safe,” he said. “Now she's mad at me, thinks I'm being a judgmental [expletive], and doesn't want to talk.”

The man insists he gives his wife all the space and free time she needs, so she has time to run then, and asked Reddit if he was “out of line” to be so concerned. As you can imagine, most folks don’t think he is.

  • "I'm sorry... your wife did what now?" one person wrote. "There is indeed a difference between hanging in the backyard and going out for a run. That difference has roughly a mile radius."
  • "Seriously your wife is so beyond in the wrong,” another added. “If my Significant Other did this I don't know if I could trust them again.”
  • Finally, another noted, "I get needing time to yourself and exercise being important but she was 100 percent being a bad parent here.”

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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