Three Sisters Give Birth on the Same Day in Same Hospital

Pregnant Belly

Photo: iStockphoto

he odds were one in fifty million to one and three Ohio sisters defied those odds by giving birth on the same day in the same hospital with the same doctor delivering the children. 

Daneesha Haynes, Ariel Williams and Ashley Haynes gave birth on July 3 at OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital within a four-and-a-half-hour span. A 1998 Associated Press story cited the odds of this actually happening to three sisters. 

“It was a blessing,” Daneesha Haynes said. “It’s amazing. This kind of blew everybody away.” All three sisters had their deliveries induced. Daneesha was not due until July 23.Dr. Edroy McMillan delivered all three babies and they are all healthy and doing well. The sisters’ mother joked there would be no extra children at the newborns’ future birthday parties.

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