Lots of Parents Live With Baby Name Regret

A new study out of the UK reveals that there's more than a few parents living with baby name regret. Whoa! That's a big decision to mess up! The poll reveals...

  • A third of parents say they didn’t give enough thought to their child’s name.
  • 73% of parents say they thought of better names after they named their child.
  • As for why they regret their kid's name, most say it’s because as their child got older the name no longer suited them.
  • Other reasons folks regretted their child’s name include:
    • My partner picked it (48%)
    • My friend picked the same name for their child (37%)
    • They get teased for it at school (32%)
    • A celebrity named their child it (26%)

The name parents regret the most? Aurora (Aurora?) for girls and Hunter for boys. The study also explores names parents would never name their child.

Photo: iStockphoto

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