These Tips Can Make You More Charismatic

Most of don't sit around wondering how we could be more charismatic (although for some it's a low bar).When you think about big rock stars you think...charisma. These simple actions can help you become more charismatic.

  • Use metaphors- they're simple and stir people's imaginations.
  • Use stories and anecdotes-personal stories add a lot of impact to any conversation.
  • Show moral conviction- appealing for "the right thing to do" gets people on your side.
  • Share the same feelings as others- "I'm just as overwhelmed as you," is a strong statement.
  • Use lists- lists make you seem more focused and able to complete tasks.
  • Set high expectations- expect more from yourself and other and you'll inspire those around you.

Right now, you may not have anybody to use these skills on, but eventually... Lots more here in Psychology Today.

Photo: iStockphoto

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