Reusable Masks You Can Wear While Eating and Drinking Are Here

With more and more states starting to reopen restaurants, there’s a bit of a dilemma about how to stay safe while enjoying a nice meal of beverage. You certainly can’t keep your mask on while eating or drinking, but that may no longer be true when it comes to drinking.

Introducing Redee mask, a new mask by Redee Patch that has found a way to allow customers to enjoy their beverage while still staying safe. The mask features a flap at the base of the mask where folks can insert a straw while still keeping their mouths covered, decreasing risk of exposure. Unlike masks that have been created with holes and zippers to allow for straws, the Redee mask allows you to drink without exposing your mouth to the elements.

Folks interested can order the one-size-fits-all mask with adjustable straps at a cost of $24.99. And of course you'll need a mask with a zipper so you can eat with a mask on. Yep, they're out there.

Photo: iStockphoto

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