Dirt Was Never a Match For Grandma

Grandmother with boxing gloves

Sure your house is pretty clean and organized thanks to being stuck at home for months with nowhere to go. Maybe it even looks close to what grandma's house used to look like. Let's face it, Nana could clean!

Here's a few old fashioned cleaning hacks that Grandma probably used.

  • Use lemon juice to whiten clothes. This could come in handy during a bleach shortage
  • Cut dish sponges in half. They dry quicker, last longer, and fit in smaller spaces
  • Use grapefruit to cut grease. Who doesn't love the fresh citrus smell?
  • Cut off the bottom of the shower curtain liner. That way the bottom isn't in water so no mildew!
  • Instant air freshener! Simply boil cinnamon sticks to get rid of offensive odors in the kitchen.

Want more hacks? We've got 'em here.

Photo: iStockphoto

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