Hottest Proposal Ever: Man Sets Fire to Apartment, She Still Says Yes

In Sheffield, England, a man hoping to set up a romantic marriage proposal for his girlfriend accidentally burned down his apartment in doing so. Seems the romantic, lit hundreds of tealight candles all throughout the place. He then apparently, left the candles lit and went to pick up his girlfriend for the "big moment." Big mistake because when they returned, the place was engulfed in flames.

Fortunately, nobody was injured and - she said "yes" anyway. The local fire service posted a reminder on social media: "As romantic as they are, and as much as we all love 'em, candles can be so dangerous." The service also wished the couple "all the best" and said the crews who put out the blaze were looking forward to receiving a wedding invite.

Sadly, not every woman is as good a sport as this guy's new fiance. Not everyone says yes.

Photo: Getty Images North America

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