Ben Affleck Shut Down a Movie Rather Than Wear a Yankee Hat

Ben Affleck is one of the world's most famous Red Sox fans. So much so that back when he was shooting "Gone Girl" when the director asked him to wear a Yankee hat in a scene Ben refused. And refused again. And continued to refuse. For 4 days! Production was shut down.

Director David Fincher, an infamous perfectionist, wanted Ben character to stop and buy a baseball cap as part of make shift disguise in a scene in a New York airport. No can do, boss, said Ben.

“I said, ‘David, I love you, I would do anything for you,’ ” Affleck told the New York Times. " 'But I will not wear a Yankees hat. I just can’t. I can’t wear it because it’s going to become a thing, David. I will never hear the end of it. I can’t do it.’ And I couldn’t put it on my head.”

Eventually they settled on a Mets hat. How did that take 4 days, David?

Photo: Getty Images North America

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